Dr. Flic Gabbay
Member Scientific Advisory Board, President of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, London, UK

Dr. Flic Gabbay is the President of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, London, UK. Dr. Gabbay is the Founding Partner of tranScrip. In addition, to being Managing Partner she has led many MAAs, NDAs and translational projects for many of tranScrip’s infectious disease, respiratory, autoimmune and drug safety teams. Dr. Gabbay has worked in the industry for more than 30 years and has held a number of senior and CEO positions in big pharma, biotech and CROs in both Europe and North America. As well as being Managing Partner Dr. Gabbay is an experienced pharmaceutical physician and Deputy Head of Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance for tranScrip and also a member of tranScrip’s Infectious Diseases and Respiratory teams. She has extensive experience of working on the development, submission and launches of products in infection, respiratory disease, arthritis, immunology, chronic kidney disease and oncology. Much of the recent experience has been in overseeing successful tranScrip teams for NDAs and MAAs. Dr. Gabbay started her career in big pharma in Rhone Poulenc (now Sanofi) and Parke Davis (now Pfizer) in the latter she held senior positions including global therapeutic head and Board level in UK and Ireland. Dr. Gabbay started Gabbay Group, a CRO acquired by PPD, was Founding Chairman of Phico Therapeutics and has also been CEO of two small biotech companies. She  also served as Director of Education at the Drug Safety Research Unit (DSRU) in Southampton and helped set up many courses for training pharmaceutical physicians and others globally. In 2020, Dr. Gabbay was awarded the Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences.