Porosome Therapeutics is the new name of Viron.

BOSTON, MA – August 6, 2023 – Viron, Inc announces the change of its name to Porosome Therapeutics Inc.  The new name reflects the scientific foundation of the company science which is built on a generation of research, development and discovery centered on the porosome complex, the universal secretory machinery in cells. This research is supported by over 200 research publications and a comprehensive patent estate. 

About Porosome Therapeutics, Inc. Porosome Therapeutics is the first company with a technology platform that develops novel therapies targeting the porosome, the universal cellular structure controlling secretion. This platform is based on the porosome discovery, and the decades of research and publications that is applicable to the treatment of a wide range of diseases resulting from secretory defects such as Cystic Fibrosis and diabetes. The platform also specializes in precision disease-targeting technologies, that yields superior therapies and a reduction of drug side effects.