From the CEO’s Desk

 “The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of VIRON comprised of distinguished scholars and star scientists, continues to play a critical and important role in guiding the R&D activities at VIRON. Our SAB is focused on providing the company, novel ideas and approaches that are innovative and effective in drug discovery and development pertaining to virus mediated infectious diseases such as SARS-CoV-2, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and influenza. The Board has brought together additional leading international experts and specialists to the company’s “Membrane Technology & Immunotherapy Platform”. The experience and collective scientific knowledge of our SAB is able to effectively progress new discovery and development activities at Viron. Furthermore, our SAB has helped guide Viron in developing safe, effective and improved drug formulations using existing FDA-approved small molecules with increased safety and stability profile, low cost and accessibility, to be able to tackle global crisis involving infectious viral diseases such as the COVID pandemic.” -Gil Marmol, CEO.

February 4, 2022