Tanya Santos
Office Manager - downtown Boston

Tanya Santos currently serves as the Office Manager for the Downtown Boston office of Prosome Therapeutics. She has extensive experience in grants administration, laboratory and personnel management, facility operations, and strategic initiatives implementation. Tanya is accustomed to quick-paced business environments requiring strategic focus, outstanding organizational and communication skills and is looking forward to contributing to Prosome Therapeutics’ mission.

Tanya received her B.S. in Biology from Tufts University. Starting in 2016, she advanced at BIDMC, a major Harvard-affiliated teaching hospital, from Laboratory Manager/Research Associate to a Research Administrator, then Senior Research Administrator, Research Operation Manager and Associate Director of Research Operations. Tanya has participated in several research leadership programs, including the Partnership, Inc. Leadership Development Program and the Sloane Fellows Leadership Program. Through these programs, she furthers her leadership presence and management skills making her a valuable asset in Operations.